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This is the first ever year of Mambalsa so this is your chance to be in right at the beginning of something new and exciting :-)

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Mambalsa - f.a.q.

Mambalsa is a fun, new partner dance that is being introduced this year! 2015.
The Frequently asked questions below are the most often asked, but if I've missed one just click contact and email me.
Mambalsa looks like a traditional partner dance. Because it's drawn from many of the elegant Latin dances of the twentieth century, including Bolero, Salsa and Mambo. It has inherited many things that make it look smooth and stylish and fun, in particular the 'partner hold' and a 'mirrored' footwork sequence.
I'm going to be upload many videos of Mambalsa soon so what this space!
Video and Pictures
Yes, in several ways Mambalsa is an easy dance to learn:
The rules that define the dance are very clear.
It's expressive so you can be you which is much easier than trying to be someone else.
It's not choreography based which means once you have the fundamental elements you can create thousands of moves without having to learn hundreds.
Of course there is plenty to learn and practice, but because we have an ethos of fun you'll enjoy the journey.
Mambalsa has an ethos of fun. That means we seek out the fun in every aspect of the dance.
We deliberately put fun on the agenda because learning is easy and faster when you're having fun.
Mambalsa isn't a dance you learn and then have fun. With Mambalsa the learning is fun.
Not only does fun make humans learn faster, but humans stick at things when they're enjoying them.
I also want to create a dance movement where people are enjoying themselves and showing it. Frowns, fake smiles or expressions of sucking wasps simply don't do it for me.
I believe that the the world becomes a better place with fun, and that makes it a worthwhile goal.
For non-dancers Mambalsa it the alternative to watching everyone else!
Dancers who dance something else, they seldom enjoy dancing their dance to other music eg tango salsa dancers don't like dancing salsa to rock 'n roll.
They can use Mambalsa as an alternative dance, their back up plan, one they can use to dance to any other music. Mambalsa becomes a common language or the dance floor where jivers can dance with salsa dancers to a pop song.
Mambalsa's advantage is that it's not connected to any musical genre is a fantastic common denominator.
The 'B' in Mambalsa comes from Bolero as does the dance.
Slow sensual understated and intense, I consider Cuban Bolero to be a key root of many of the worlds partner dances.
Mambo (Cuban) 1940's from the Mambo we have the power house of Mambalsa. It gives us energy and fun.
The 'alsa' as in Salsa, the world's most popular partner dance, transending regions with it's sassy elegant style.

History... So often we try to understand dance by analyzing the elements. This is fair but it does miss an important perspective, synergy.
Mambalsa is not just a mixture of elements. They come together and form something new and different.
Mambalsa is about us not our predecessors. It expresses who we are and will go where we're going. In other words, Mambalsa is a dance moving forward.
Me! Not a big company, or cultural movement but me Alastair John Sadler born 1965 in the UK.
I've been teaching salsa since 1995. I've watched it rise and peak and I've seen it change.
It's taken me years to find out the essence of what I love about salsa.
It's the people. I see people at their best, enjoying themselves in a social situation.
Project Mambalsa

Project Mambalsa - f.a.q.

Project Mambalsa The Mambalsa project is the way for everyone and anyone to get involved. It’s how we stay in touch and up to date. It’s how we celebrate our successes and acknowledge our failures.
Whether you want to get active or stay on the edge and listen in it's totally up to you. You will be most welcome.
All I ask is that you join us in the 'Crowd in the Cloud' click to join

This is the really tough bit. I’m asking you to get involved.
Not because it will make you famous or rich, but because it’s a new exciting project that needs you and values your input.

This dance is about people. The more that get involved the better it will be. And if enough people get involved we will actually change the world.
So please join our Crowd in the Cloud
Meanwhile I’m working behind the scenes ready to launch Mambalsa in 2015
There’s the development workshops in central London.
Video clips to film
A heap of social media and PR to do
If you want to help with anything pls contact me.

To get things really moving I’ve set an amazing challenge for 2015:
We will get 100,000 people dancing Mambalsa for sixty one seconds.

Why sixty one seconds?
There’s been lots of sixty second challenges but I like to go one better!

How does it work? I show you, you show them, they show others.

Why? To raise awareness of this new dance and help it get established. For fun and fitness and friendship. To raise money for a charity of your choice (must be a registered charity)

Who? You, and me, and anyone else we can involve. The more the merrier. You don’t have to be a dance teacher to show people the basics of Mambalsa*

Where? Anywhere! At home, at work, inside, outside, underwater, in the air, somewhere iconic, somewhere beautiful. It’s totally up to you. We’ll put you on the Mambalsa map so we’ll need the location.

What? All we need is proof that you and your group did it. That means a video clip showing the whole group and the whole body so we can tell it’s Mambalsa. Upload it to Youtube or facebook and add our tags and send us a link. e.g. you got fifty people to Mambalsa for sixty one seconds at (location)

When? Any time in 2015 but the sooner the better. You can do it more than once but please tell us so we don’t count you twice.


Mambalsa News and Events

Mambalsa - News and Events

Mambalsa News and Events

This is the News and Events blog for Mambalsa.
This is where I will put all the upcoming events and make important announcements.
I've embedded a Blogger blog below. The links will take you through to mambalsa.blogspot.co.uk in a new window.
Please share the events :-)

Mambalsa Blog

Mambalsa - Blog

The Mambalsa Blog

This is where I will chart the progress of Mambalsa from it's outset.
I've embedded a Blogger blog below. The links will take you through to mambalsa.blogspot.co.uk in a new window.
Please feel free to comment :-)

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